Monday, February 7, 2011

Aunt Kim and Uncle Pat Go To OSV

This weekend our dear friends Pat and Kim came to visit.  Pat is Dave's best friend. They have been friends since high school and he was the best man in our wedding (which, incidentally, is when we met the very lovely Kim for the first time). Pat and Kim got married two years later and then they spent the next five years in Scotland while he got studied veterinary medicine (equine medicien being his specialty).  They were over there when Grace and Emma were born, though home for Grace's first Christmas and got to meet her then. They had not met Emma. nor been up to visit until this weekend.  Since both Pat and Kim are big horse people Dave thought it might be fun to meet them at Old Sturbridge Village (they had never been) where there happened to be a sleigh rally this past weekend.  It was truly a brilliant idea!
Grace's first time sledding by herself!
Emma's first time sledding by herself!
After our visit to OSV was over, we all headed back to our house, where the guys removed snow from the roof and us girls got a chance to catch up!  We all had such a wonderful time together and it was as if no time had passed at all.  As if we got together like this all the time.  Oh, how we wish they lived closer!  How truly fabulous that would be!

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