Saturday, February 19, 2011

Emma's Family Party

Both sides of our family gathered today in celebration of Emma's birthday this coming Monday!  It's hard to believe she's turning three (but we'll save those thoughts for the post on Monday).  The day started with a trip to the farmer's market (like any other Saturday) and pretty much as soon as we returned home she got dressed in her fabulous birthday dress from my mom. 
Calling Gramma to thank her for her fabulous party dress.
The girls were very excited to see that Dave's parents had arrived. 
This playhouse is way more spectacular than we all expected it to be!
A red feather boa from Aunt Kaitlyn.
Cutting fruit from Aunt Donna and Uncle Peter.
Strawberry Shortcake DVDs from Gramma and Grandpa.
Prism blocks from Uncle Grant and Karen. 
Grandma made a Raggedy Anne cake from Em.  She used to make cakes like these when David and Donna were kids and was so thrilled to get to do this again.
And of course, no celebration in February is complete without a cake for Kaitlyn!
Happy (almost) 3rd Birthday, sweet girl! 

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