Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ice Harvest

We headed over to the pond at the Wayside Inn to check out the ice harvesting demonstration that was going on today.  We had never been to one before so we were very curious to see what would be going on. 
We got to meet Molly and Dolly.  They were there to pull the large blocks of ice out of the water. 
We headed out onto the ice to get a closer look.
Our tummies were rumbling so unfortunately we headed home before we had a chance to see the horses pull the ice.  It was a great day for an ice harvest and lots of people were in attendance.  The girls really got into it!  Many people even commented on how attentive they were for ones so young (which made this mama very proud)!  It was really neat to see up close and personal how ice was harvested back in the days before refrigeration came on the scene. Hopefully they will hold this event again next year so we can get to see the horses in action!


  1. Really enjoyed your post! That was very interesting to see how ice is harvested.

  2. Thanks! We thought so too! It was something we had wanted to see for a long time and I am glad we finally go to witness it. Just wish that Dave had been able to be there too...