Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Mine

We had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday (and I would have blogged about it last night had our computer not been damaged in a power surge.  Thankfully we were able to resurrect the laptop yet again). 
Our day started with giving each other Valentines.
I left Dave's in his car for him to find. 
The valentine that Dave left for me. 
Then the girls exchanged valentines with each other (note the costume change). 
Then it was off to the kitchen to begin Project: Valentine Dessert!
We made one for our dessert and one to bring to our friends!
Just as I took the picture of the valentine exchange the girls moved.  

Then it was back home for lunch, computer time and a nature walk (more on that tomorrow).

Since Dave was working and Sarah's husbands volleyball team was playing several games last night we decided that it would be super fun to get together for dinner.   Heart shaped grilled cheese and tomato soup was on the menu, along with the chocolate cake for dessert (and chocolate wine for the mamas).  But first, valentines were exchanged.
Clearly, Grace has already moved on to the next holiday!

We hope that your Valentine's Day was full of love, special moments and valentines of all kinds!


  1. Oh, that was all too cute with your girls! I heard one of mine singing a Christmas song yesterday...LOL..I guess mine are extending Christmas out a little longer :) Hope you have a great day.

  2. The fairy baker, with wings, is my favorite photo. Nice pictures. What song is playing on your blog?

  3. Thanks! That's one of my faves too, although there is an even better one that I am thinking of posting tomorrow! I had my "This Moment" picture for Fridays post all chosen until I captured Grace in her fairy wings mixing! Then I had two. Two fabulous pictures so I think I shall post one tomorrow and one on Friday so I get them both in (sorta)! :)

    If you scroll to the bottom of our blog you will find the playlist of songs. Not sure which one you heard at the time but they are alll there for you listening pleasure! We spend many, many days playing and doing while our blog playlist runs in the background. It's lovely.

    Cary Ann, I love that your littles are still singing Christmas songs! That is too precious!