Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dear Ellie

The girls have a pen pal named Ellie.  She lives in New York and is the daughter of one of David's cousins.  The girls and Ellie played together a few years ago at a family gathering in New Jersey and have been sending each other pictures ever since.  Today Grace said to me: "Mama, we should make a picture for Ellie."  which is surely a great way to spend a cold Leap Day morning if you ask me.  So, the girls chose pictures and got to coloring.  And since Miss Grace is so into writting her name these days it seemed only fitting that she write her first letter to Ellie.  It's short and sweet (as you can see) and was lovely that the paper already said "Happy Saint Patrick's Day!" on it but it sure brought much pride and many smiles to its author, her mama and little sister.  And I imagine it will bring many smiles to Ellie and her family when she recieves it too! 


  1. So much fun!! I had a pen pal as a child, she was in Denmark. Loved writing with her, sharing pictures and eventually letters as we got older. Such a wonderful thing for kids to do.

  2. Pen Pals are so much fun, Kim! We should have our littles write to each other! It would be fun to have a pen pal in another country, especially Canada which was one of the countries the girls were matching in the geography app they were playing on the iPad yesterday! :)