Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday, Emma Faith!

Checking out the latest additions to the birthday ring.  Thanks, Grandpa!
"Mama, there's sparkles!"  (Thanks, Gramma!)
This year Em asked for a marble cake with white icing.  And raspberries, of course!
A few weeks ago we were chatting with Emma about her upcoming birthday.  She adamantaly said that she did not want a big party: "I not four, I only Emma!" and that she simply wanted: "Mama, Daddy, Grace and a cake." She stuck to this and whenever asked stated how she "not turn four, I only Emma." and so we left well enough alone and instead of a larger gathering has a simply sweet family day.  All day she was excited it was her birthday, yet she refused to admit she was four.  "I not four, I only Emma" was pretty much her motto of the day.  She and Grace waited so patiently all day for David to get home so we could have our celebration.  Finally, the moment of Daddy's arrival (with heart shaped balloons for the birthday girl) happened and the birthday celebration could begin.
Reading the card from Gramma and Grandpa while she waited for David to bring up the gift from them.
"Thanks for my new bike Gramma and Grandpa!"
And it was only after the birthday ring had been lit, presents opened, "happy birthday" sung and the cake was cut that she finally said she was four.  As we sat there eating our cake David asked:
 "Emma, are you four?"
To which she replied: "Yes, I four now!"   

It was a sweet ending to a pefect day!


  1. How perfect!!! She looks like she had a wonderful day.

  2. Thanks! It was a wonderful day indeed!