Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grace's Masterpiece

This morning Grace attended a one session drawing and painting workshop with Miss Emily.  We had to get an earlier start than we are used to but seeing how excited she was we actually had no trouble getting out of the house with time to spare today.  Dare I say, we even arrived early to the schoolhouse!  Em and I said our good-byes to our sweet artist and went on our way to have adventures of our own while Grace and the other members of the group visited the animals to get inspiration for their paintings.  As you can see from the picture above, Grace chose to paint one of the horses (named Lacey) and did quite a stellar job of it!  Now, just to find the perfect spot to display this beautiful masterpiece in!  Oh, and how I love that she puts smiley faces in the letters of her name!


  1. I love the smiley faces in her name :)

    Such a lovely horse she painted. We have quite a few horse drawings/paintings around here, my niece is in love with horses. She draws/paints pics for Reece all the time.

  2. Miss Emily is a gem! I love reading what your girls are up to. Their days are so full with love and learning, exploring and creating.

  3. Thanks girls! I was so excited to go and pick her up and see her lovely painting! I was so sure she would have chosen a chicken to paint, since she loves them so much and was surprised to see that she chose a horse instead!

    Miss Emily is such a gem! I am so glad that we found her and her magical schoolhouse! Oh, to be a little girl again!

  4. Oh Grace... that is simply beautiful! How clever to have happy faces in your name.