Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Last Day Of Winter

According to the calendar today is the last day of winter. And in honor of this day it seems that Mother Nature felt that meant we should have more snow. The girls, of course, were over the moon to see that the snow fairies were at it again. Once the snow, hail, sleet and rain stopped they headed out. We snapped a few pictures and then off they went to explore, play, create and rejoice in this the last day of winter. Here's to hoping this is the last significant storm of the season and that the spring fairies arrive in all their splendor soon.  


  1. I sure am hoping.....
    We did not get as much as you but I am over it!

  2. Yeah mom said that they only got a couple of inches in Bethany. Seems like Mother Nature wants to make up for last winter being so super mild! I'm ready for spring in a big way!