Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Musings

Right Now...I am super tired after a less than stellar night sleep. Falling down the icy, back deck stairs last week has left me struggling to get a good night sleep. I'm hopeful that my bruises will start to not be so painful soon so I can get back to sleeping well. 
This weekend:  Was jam packed!  We had a blast on Saturday at KidCity. We met up with Dave's parents and his sister and her husband to celebrate Emma's birthday. Connecticut is the midpoint for all of us and since we hadn't been to KidCity in a good few years we thought it would be fun to head there. 
Dinner and presents rounded out the day. 
Sunday brought a busy day at church (complete with a three hour budget meeting! That's how we in the UCC roll!) followed by a birthday celebration for our favorite now three year old boy! A painting party was his wish and so a painting party was had!
Some plans for this week: Dave is off on Wednesday though we're now not totally sure what fun adventure we'll be going on. We had planned to go skiing but the local mountain where the girls took their first (and so far only) lesson is all booked! Guess every homeschooler in the area must be heading there this week! And of course there was ballet today, yoga on Wednesday and Kids Night Out (and Date Night for mama and papa!) on Friday night! I'd also like to get our Lenten Garden planted this week too. We've never created one before but seeing the article on Rhythm of the Home I thought it would be something fun to do and a nice lead up to Easter too!

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...Find a good book to read. Knit.  

I am grateful family for taking such good care of me after my fall. 

Something that makes me smile: Snuggling with my girls each morning before we start our day. 

Inspired by the Monday Musing posts by Patch O' Dirt Farm


  1. Kid City was one of our all time favorite places. William still enjoyed it even thought he is getting older.

    1. Such a cool place! I wish we had been able to meet up there when you were still living in CT! We figured out that we hadn't been there since Grace was young enough to be in the toddler sea caves! That was many moons ago!

  2. Oh, I miss KidCity! I have to find a way to sneak a visit in during one of our trips home, I think… Maybe in May, because this weekend's trip is going to be shorter than we originally planned… Looks like you had a lovely weekend & a busy week ahead! xo

    1. We'd love to meet up next time your home!