Monday, March 25, 2013

The Joy Of Rhythm

Today was one of those days that was just fabulously mellow. We ended up getting lots of stuff done but it was all done at such a lovely slow pace that it almost felt too chill for its own good. I suppose that's the joy of having a really great family rhythm. Things just flow so beautifully from one thing to the next that it feels effortless. After our regular "getting the day started" activities (breakfast, getting dressed, making beds etc) the girls headed to the art cabinet and got out the beeswax, gathered the towel and the bucket of water, and got to work creating. I have no idea whose idea this was (or even if it was verbally communicated between them) but it was a fabulous way to start the day! They easily sat creating for over an hour. And after they were done (and photos had been taken and sufficiently Instagramed, per their request) they cleaned up and we moved on to the next thing. Experiencing the ebb and flow of our days is something that I truly love (and Dave and the girls do too). Our rhythm seems to change slightly each season but it always has the same ebb and flow to it. And on days when our rhythm seems to be hiding, or just not feeling right, we take stock in what's going on and decide if it's time for a new rhythm to make an appearance. Living by our natural rhythm instead of by a clock has always been key for us. Sure, there are times that we need to be somewhere at a certain time but even that flows beautifully into our daily, weekly and monthly rhythms. It's in the embracing pf the natural rhythm of our day that has allowed us to live in such joy and harmony.