Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shades Of Things To Come

On Monday after the girls ballet class their teacher mentioned that she would be at the Hudson Public Library doing a presentation on Thursday morning in the Children's Room. Since we're always up for a good library event we decided to head over and cheer her on and support their school! 
As you can imagine we now have two very excited little girls on our hands! They were already super excited for their Spring Concert costumes to arrive and now they are even more excited! They have been asking all sorts of questions about toe shoes and cannot wait to be old enough to learn how to dance in them. Of course, that's still many moons away yet (though with the way these years keep flying by it will surely be here before we know it)!  


  1. How fun!! I have quite a few pairs of pointe shoes tucked away from my dancing days :)

  2. Point is the most wonderful thing. I simply adored it growing up and even ended up doing tap on toe shoes. I still have all my pairs of shoes.. I just can't part with them. All that hard work. I hope the girls are enjoying their classes, sounds like they have a great teacher.