Saturday, August 30, 2014

Frozen Summer Fun

 When we were planning this trip my friend Lori shared a link on her Facebook page about the Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package. Lori also happens to work for TMC Travel-The Mouse Connection so she has the inside track on all the fabulous things going on at Disney. The timing of Lori sharing about this Disney add-on and our trip couldn't have been better. When Dave got home that night I showed him what she had posted, and he agreed that we definitely needed to do our best to make this event happen for our family. He consulted with his parents to make sure they were game and then made a call to Disney. Amazingly enough the customer service person he spoke to (who had also just learned about the Frozen Summer Fun package when he arrived at work that day) was able to book it for us that day. It was a total score as we learned that they sold out of these packages within one week! I'm so glad that we didn't hesitate at all. We knew we were in for a treat but we had no idea how stellar this day would be until we experienced it for ourselves. And what a day it was!
After we checked in and were given our credentials we had a wee bit of time before the opening parade. We arrived at the snow playground and the six of us were totally in awe! The girls (being the good New England girls that they are) just could not understand how it was possible that there was snow in hot Florida in a building! 
In the snow playground each group of kids was given ten minutes to play. When their ten minutes was up these two guys would appear and rake the snow! What a sight!
 We didn't skate but we sure had fun watching the zamboni clear the ice!
A family picture and then it was time to head back for the parade. 
 We arrived back in the VIP seating area and quickly discovered that not only did this package get you great seating it also got you free refreshments (in this area) too! There was a frozen lemonade stand in this area and Dave and his Dad went over to get a couple. It was then that they learned that the frozen treats and water were free! Totally perfect as we were definitely in need of something to help us cool off! Just about the time we all finished our frozen lemonades the parade began. 
 It was the moment we had all been waiting for- Queen Elsa and Princess Anna arrived (and this mama got choked up for the first time this day)! The crowd went wild! 
 Once Elsa and Anna were on stage we in the premium seating area were invited to get practically at stage level. Talk about incredible! I have no pictures of the girls seeing them at this point as they were right there at rope level and I was farther behind (but still had a visual on them, of course). 
 Along with premium seating and refreshments, we were also given a choice of which Frozen Sing-a-long to attend. We chose the first showing as we figured it would be a fun way to cool off in the early afternoon. We arrived for the show on the earlier side as we had heard that seating was first come first serve.  There was only one other couple there and we got to chatting with them. Turned out one of the guys was an art teacher by day and Disney expert at night. We all hit it off and before we knew it we had hatched a plan to meet up the next day at Magic Kingdom to meet Elsa and Anna. 
 More awesome seats and more Disney magic. The looks on the girls faces just say it all. 
 The narrators. 
 Grace and Emma were both completely transfixed! 

 And yes, for those wondering we all sang, we all laughed (this mama once again got choked up) and at the end it even snowed! Truly magical. 
 In between the parade and the sing-a-long we headed over to one of the shops to purchase princess dresses for the girls. They couldn't believe it when their Grandma Joan asked them if they'd each like a dress. Would they?! She didn't have to ask them twice! We agreed that they definitely needed to wear them when we returned for the VIP party and fireworks that night. 
 This is easily one of my most favorite pictures of these two (in general and from this trip). From the moment we stepped on Disney property (to the moment we left) everyone who saw them in their dresses greeted them and bowed. "Hello Queen Elsa! Hello Princess Anna!" At firs the girls really didn't know what to make of it, but by the end they had totally gotten used to it! 
 We arrived and checked back in at the premium package area. We knew that there would be "decadent desserts and beverages" but this we did not imagine! Disney truly knows how to throw an amazing party! The food and drinks were in endless supply! 
While we ate and socialized there was a really awesome cover band on stage. The name of the group escapes me but they were fab! They played 'till dark and then it was time for the show and fireworks to begin. 
(Photo by Dave's Dad)

Elsa and Anna returned to stage, there was more singing, more snowing, more tears (on the part of this mama) and the whole night was capped off by some truly incredible fireworks. 
Ever since that day I have been trying to find the right words to convey how truly amazing the entire day was. It was more than we ever could have imagined. The four of us adults kept remarking that this package was worth every additional penny (it truly was). Just when we thought it couldn't possibly get any better it would! The wonder, the magic, the attention to detail, it was beyond our wildest dreams! This day will be on that I carry with me forever. Thank you for such a magical day, Disney. xo

Don't forget to check in later today to see our post about what we were up to today. 


  1. Wow! That looks like an amazing experience. Both of my daughter's love Frozen (even the 15 year old!) so I can truly understand how great it would be to see your children enjoy it so much. Fantastic!

    1. I still haven't found the right words to adequately express how amazing this day was. Beyond magical is the best I can come up with! Truly, more than I ever could have dreamed for them (and for all of us). Best. Day. Ever. :)

      Isn't Frozen just the best? That movie has totally captured my (and all of our) hearts! xo

  2. Wow, what a day! I have to admit, I know nothing about Frozen, but it looks like it was a great day. It also seems like you made dreams come true for your girls. So happy you guys had such a good time. xo

    1. Kim, you would totally love Frozen! Should you ever have a chance to watch it go for it! I think you'll be charmed! xo

  3. What an amazing day for you and your family!!! Everything looked so wonderful!!! I know my daughter would've dove into those desserts!!! The girls must've slept like logs that night!!! : ) Lifetime memories for sure!!!! xo

    ~ Wendy

    1. Thanks Wendy! This was a day that was more than we ever could have imagined! Such a special day and pretty much my most favorite part of this trip! Lifetime memories indeed! xo