Thursday, August 7, 2014

Our Night Owl

We have one night owl and one early bird. This works beautifully since it means that there are certain times where they are guaranteed their own time with their Papa and I.  Last week, in the midst of having a lot going on, Grace and I found ourselves sitting on the front porch after Emma had gone to sleep. Dave was not yet home and the night was perfect. We sat in the rocking chairs, surprised to be needing something on our arms on the last day of July (we have just adored the weather this summer!) and while we sat there we basked in the glow of the pretty candles, looked at the stars and chatted. The world was peaceful and calm and our time on the porch was truly divine. I'm so glad to have time like that with each of the girls. I love that we have that time together. The conversations that we have, the questions asked and the dreams shared are some of my most cherished. xo


  1. How lovely for both Grace and Emma to have time with you like this. They will cherish these moments forever. xo