Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peach Picking

Since our first attempt at peach picking didn't pan out we figured we'd try again once we got home from our trip to Florida. With the weather looking divinely summery today, and a local farm where it was $1.00 per pound for pick-your-own peaches we figured now was as good a time as any to go. We went first thing this morning so as to beat the heat, and we were excited to have the orchard to ourselves. Before long the boxes in the wagon were overflowing with peaches, and our work there was done. Now, just to wait for them to get a wee bit more ripe and then the canning of them can begin! xo

Be sure to scroll down and see the beginning of our Disney adventure if you haven't had a chance to read about it already. 


  1. They look gorgeous! I have never canned anything ever despite having all the equipment and each year promising myself this was the year! I have made myself the promise of canning apple pie filling this autumn... :)

    1. Oh you must give it a try! So easy and the food tastes so good (especially in the middle of the winter)! Let me know if you end up giving it a try! xo