Sunday, October 12, 2014

Morning, Noon And Night

Morning, noon and night....three little peeks into our day yesterday. 
Morning, 10:30am
Noon, 3:30pm
Night, 8:43pm.

If you'd like to play along leave your link in the comments section so I can stop by to visit. xo


  1. New skies!!! How exciting. Ski season is just around the corner. And that looks like applesauce...yum! Have a wonderful day Shel. xo

    1. The girls are over the moon about their new skis! Dave found a local shop that has great deals on renting for the season (and the season runs October-October which I find fascinating)! We figure we'll rent them skis each season and then once they're done growing we'll buy them lovely skis, boots and poles!

      And yes, applesauce indeed! More in the canner as I type this reply! xo