Thursday, May 14, 2015

In Newport

 Today, the girls and I met up with my parents and sister for a lovely day in Newport. We started our adventure at the International Yacht Restoration School. 
 It was truly incredible to watch these students honing their craft. 
 Kaitlyn then took us to see the Coronet restoration. What an incredible undertaking! 
 Headed to Fort Adams via the water taxi for the Volvo Ocean Race
 Volvo Ocean Race teams on the water. 
This is the first year that an all female team is racing. They prefer to be called "the girls team" and we just love that their team colors are magenta, navy blue and white! Above is a model of Team SCA's vessel. It is made out of 100,000 Legos and took over a year to build. Two builders travel with this model to each port-of-call of the race.
 A photo op with the Volvo Ocean Race trophy. It weighs 35 pounds! 
 The girls were really captivated by all the boats, but most especially by Team SCA. We'll be following along and cheering them on for every remaining leg of the race! Go Team SCA! 
To all the teams we wish you fair winds and following seas! xo

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  1. What a fun day out!! Love the photo of your dad with the girls and the trophy too. I really like Newport! They have a regatta on the Hudson in Albany every September and it's a lot of fun to go down and watch the boat races (of course, I think this boat race in Newport might be a little bit more exciting to watch!)