Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Keeping With Tradition

It's been Emma's tradition to never loose her teeth at home. So far she's lost a tooth a dancing, at Panera, at the library and now at the Alwife T Station. The funny thing is it's not even the tooth we expected hoped  thought it would be. Rather than the front tooth (which is super crooked and clearly very stubborn) it was a tooth that had only been wiggly only for a week or so (rather than the several months we've been waiting on the other one). We arrived at the T, and while Dave was adding money to our Charlie Card, Emma turned and showed me her ready to fall out tooth. A gentle tug and out it came. We got her all cleaned up, deposited the tooth into the change section of my wallet and headed in to Boston. 
 And so, this morning she woke, covered in glitter with a new treasure (a bracelet) and note in her tooth fairy box. 
We're now super curious about when and where this stubborn tooth of hers will fall out! Here's to hoping that wherever this next one is lost it happens soon! xo

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