Monday, May 4, 2015

Pretty In Pink

Costume Day- the much anticipated holiday of all dancers- arrived today! Practice clothes were changed out of, recital costumes put on and dances were practiced. The girls looked fabulous all dressed in pink, and we cannot wait to see them up on stage next month! xo


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    1. Thanks, Yanic! Costume Day is always such fun and the girls all looked so lovely in these! xo

  2. They look so adorable in their pink dance costumes! I love that deep pink color. Dance recitals are always such fun- Alice and Mary had theirs last Sunday!

    1. I love this color too! When I first saw the picture (before the costumes arrived) I wasn't sure (and I adore pink so for me to not be sure was very surprising)! Once I saw them on though I just loved them! Totally perfect for a bunch of first and second grade girls! I hope Mary and Alice had a wonderful recital! xo