Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Gift From The Tooth Fairy

Yesterday, in addition to our anniversary, Emma lost another tooth! And this one, surprisingly, was actually lost at home! 
The last time that Emma lost a tooth they were in the other room. Since we're a little leery to stick anything on the newly painted walls we have yet to move the tooth fairy doors back into their room. To make sure that her tooth fairy knew where to find her Emma left her a note outside her fairy door. The tooth fairy clearly found the note and then flew from her door to their room leaving a trail of fairy dust along her entire flight path! The sparkly path was discovered this morning along with the note and gift left for Emma. And yes, as always, both girls woke absolutely covered in glitter!
"Mama, I just love this tooth fairy! She knows me so well!" xo

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  1. Isn't it magical how you are given a fairy who just always knows exactly what you might like? :)