Saturday, August 29, 2015

In New York City

In addition to our early morning visit with the deer, and Emma mastering shoe tying, Sunday also brought with it Grace and Emma's first trip to New York City. Our love of the Night at the Museum movies was the inspiration for this adventure, and since were were so close to NYC it seemed like the perfect time to finally take the girls to the American Museum of Natural History.
The highlight for Grace and Emma was getting to see "Dum Dum" (and yes, the museum staff there do refer to him as such)! They were so excited to see him that they couldn't resist giving him a hug. It was very sweet! 
 The Planetarium was another favorite, and we all agreed that we really wish we had spent more time there than we did. 
"Mama, you know how we are all made of star stuff? I just love that!" -Grace
 Before we journeyed back to New Jersey it was decided that we'd swing by Donna and Peter's favorite market in New York to pick up some items for dinner. Our walk from the Museum to Citarella was just lovely. From the farmers market as we exited the museum grounds, to the playgrounds we passed on the way, it was truly a glorious day to be in the city! xo


  1. Looks like a fantastic day! We want to get Alice to the Natural History Museum so badly!

    1. Now that you are homeschooling I have no doubt that you girls will make it to NYC to visit this museum! Trips during the week are the best! xo