Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sunday. 6:30am.

Our Sunday started with a very excited Emma bursting through the door to the room we were sleeping in to announce to us that there were deer looking at her! I got out of bed, grabbing my phone on the way, and arrived to find Emma and the deer looking at each other as it munched on some of the Hosta in Donna and Peter's front yard. I quickly took a few pictures, happy to have caught this very sweet moment between Emma and the deer. "Wanna go for a walk, Em, and see if we can see more deer?" I asked knowing full well what her reply would be.

We were joined by the rest of the family and stepped out of the cozy house into the crisp morning air. The sun was not yet fully up, and, if truth be known, it felt more like late September than late August. The peace of the morning was incredibly blissful. Bird chirped, deer munched and our footsteps (and an occasional murmur from those behind us) was all that was heard. While the rest of the world was still asleep we were very much awake and just basking in the beauty all around us (that view is going to be even more incredible come autumn). The girls and I had walked ahead of the others and were treated to a flock of geese arriving for their breakfast, too. We stood there in awe of the wildlife all around us, and so very grateful to Emma for having woken us up so that we could all begin our day in such a truly beautiful way. xo

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