Monday, August 3, 2015

Of Tooth Fairies, Carousel Horses and Packing

Yesterday, in keeping with her tradition of loosing her teeth everywhere but at home, Emma lost a tooth after church. She was playing with her friends when her tooth fell out and much excitement ensued. She woke up this morning covered in glitter ("Purple glitter this time, mama!") and with some new treasures in her tooth box and a note from her tooth fairy, too! 
And as if waking up covered in purple glitter and with treasures from the tooth fairy wasn't enough, it was also the first day of dance camp for Miss Emma! Could this day be any more fabulous?! 
 While Emma was off at dance camp Grace and I went on our first Grace and Mama Adventure of the week. First up: a ride on the local carousel! 
 Followed by the packing up of the kitchen in preparation for the interior painting that starts tomorrow. 
And since we're run out of room to store things in (and want to have access to a few key small appliances) we've decided to put our lovely claw foot tub to good use during this phase of the renovations! 
After dinner tonight, Emma donned her pink toolbelt and hardhat to help David with the wall in the upstairs bathroom. While they were repairing the wall, Grace and I continued with the last bit of packing that needed to be done in preparation for tomorrow. We were all pretty tired by the end of the day, but we were also so very happy with how much we got done and with how much fun we had in the process! xo


  1. Wow that's an amazing tooth fairy gift Emma received!

    1. Thanks! This tooth fairy always leaves such interesting treasures! :) xo