Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Lovely Surprise

Yesterday a surprise arrived for Grace and Emma. Adam, who we met when we took the girls to Disney for the first time two years ago, had bought them these Elsa and Anna figurines to give them on the Disney Cruise (he and his husband Tony were also coming on the cruise, too). Since we didn't end up going thanks to Hurricane Matthew, he let me know he'd be sending a package for the girls instead.

When we arrived home from doing errands yesterday we noticed that there was a package waiting for us. I was shocked to see that it had arrived already! The girls were very surprised to have two such beautifully wrapped packages to open yesterday, and even more when they saw what was inside!

Thank you, Adam and Tony, for all your kindness! We are grateful our paths crossed two years ago and are so sorry to have not been on the cruise this year! Hopefully our paths will cross at Disney again someday! xo

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