Monday, October 17, 2016

In The Pumpkin Patch

Growing up in Bethany Connecticut we always went to the pick-your-own pumpkin patch at Clover Nook Farm. I loved wandering through the patch each year looking for which pumpkin I would choose to take home as mine. So, it came as a great surprise to me when I moved to Massachusetts after college that pick-your-own pumpkin patches were next to impossible to find. In fact, until this year I had found only one.

This year the girls had asked to go pumpkin picking "In an actual patch please, mama?!" and so I figured that we would head back to the patch that we had gone to before. After all, it was, as far as I knew, the only one around. That patch was fine, but for whatever reason it never really clicked with us (as evidenced by the fact that the last time we were there was October 2011)! 

On Friday, when I was checking Facebook, I noticed that a friend of mine had posted about another pumpkin patch in the area. I was so thrilled and very grateful for her post, and had a strong feeling that this place would be worth the drive out. 

Clearview Farm reminded me a lot of Clover Nook and it felt like home to me the moment we arrived.  It was small (which we love), and while there was definitely a fair amount of people there (it was an absolutely glorious Saturday afternoon) it was not crowded by any stretch of the imagination (another thing that we absolutely love). This farm was totally our kind of farm and exactly what we had been looking for! 

We took the wagon ride out to the patch, though we could have just as easily have walked. Everyone there was super friendly and very helpful, and the pumpkins were some of the best we'd ever seen! It was a perfect way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon in October (made even sweeter by the yummy cider donuts we bought on our way out). xo


  1. We have found the same thing since we moved up here- no real pumpkin patches. I am trying hard to find on this year but it just might be too late.

    1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one from Connecticut who has trouble finding pumpkin patches in other New England states! I truly don't understand this, especially with how farming is such a big thing here in New England!

      I hope you find a pumpkin patch soon! xo