Saturday, April 30, 2022

Scenes From My Recovery

On April 4th I had surgery ro repair my bicep tendon and AC Joint. The above photo was taken later that day (the long acting nerve block was absolutely doing its job)! 
I was in the sling for two solid weeks 24/7. I was so grateful that my salon was able to get me in to wash, dry and braid my hair as showering was not fun or easy. I have been going twice a week ever since, though now they just do a blowout and don't braid it. 
Putting my sling to good use! 

Out to lunch with one of my faorite people! 

Physical Therapy (twice a week) began two weeks post-op. 

Three weeks post-op and grateful for frozen peas. 

Six weeks post-op. Still not able to wash my hair and still going to the salon twice a week (and getting very spoiled)! 

There is a still a very long road ahead of me but I am getting stronger every day. My shoulder still gets very sore and I am still sleeping on the couch (and getting my hair done twice a week) but at least I am not in intense pain like I was before! Dr. Rockett, my surgeeon, told me this would be a long recovery (I won't be fully back in the gym until lke August) but slow and steady wins the race! Plus, with being married to a PT I have no doubt my recovery will contiunue to progress! xo

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