Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bean Sprouts, Bubble Wrap and Other Fun!

Yesterday was supposed to be a beautiful day but the weather decided to keep us on our toes and change our plans.  A few times over.

First, we discovered that our beans had grown even bigger!

Look closely.  
The beans have moved to the top of the ziploc bag, 
while the roots have done what roots do (move down).  
Really neat!

Next, the girls discovered some bubble wrap on the table.  
And of course, it was just begging to be played with.

(Photos taken by Grace)

(Photos taken by mama)

Playing hide and seek.
Where's Emma?

There she is!

On our way to the Children's Museum.

It may not have been the day we had planned, but it was a fabulous day nonetheless! 
We hope you are enjoying this incredible weather (80 degrees in April?  Simply Amazing!)
Have a wonderful rest of the day, friends.  
We'll see you tomorrow.

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