Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Day Spent (Mostly) Outside

We have had quite a day today! It started with David having today (and tomorrow!) off.  What a treat!  Since it was a lovely day out he decided to do some yard work, and Emma decided she needed to help her Daddy.

Since David still had to head into the store this evening, I thought it would be great for all of us to have our big meal of the day together for lunch today.  I had the whole table all set, and since there were five of us, it requited use of the bench that is normally hidden (pushed up against the wall with the table close to it so it's out of the way).  The girls asked:  "Please Mama, can we sit on the bench?!"  "Sure, sweet girls, why not?!"  It was the first time they sat on it together, without a grown up there to make sure no one falls off. 
Emma's smile says it all!

After lunch we thought it would be fun to take Gramma to Drumlin Farm since it was a lovely (albeit much colder) day today.  A good way to spend an afternoon, if you ask us.  So off we went.  

A nature lesson from Gramma.

We weren't so sure why this little guy was in a playpen.

Inside the worlds most wonderful chicken coop.

Collecting (wooden) eggs.

Sorting/grading the eggs.

Any chance to get to be outside is good with us. 
So good, 
So good. 
So good!
We'll see you tomorrow, dear friends. 

This post goes to OLM (too.)'s Family Nature Club

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