Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today the girls and I, along with our friends from The Chronicles of Mad Molly, headed in to Boston to the Down:2:Earth (D2E) convention.  The D2E convention is all about sustainable living, which is and of itself sounded interesting, but what really sealed the deal for us was that the author of one of our favorite children's books, Tillie Lays an Egg, was going to be there to read her book to the children. And as an added bonus she was bringing Tillie! Fabulous!

We arrived a little later than we had planned,
 so while we didn't get to help make butter, we did get to taste it.

Emma checks out the flowers while Mary and I bought some ReSnackIts.

The girls get stickers from Terry, the author of Tillie Lays an Egg.

Who's Your Farmer?

Babywearing is a must, especially at the Down:2:Earth convention.

Story time begins.

Feeding Tillie.

Grace finds the egg. 

Each child got to pet Tillie. 

What a treat!

Terry and Tillie.

We had a great time wandering around the convention, listening to the story, meeting Tillie, buying a few items and acquiring lots of free stuff (one of which was a very yummy granola bar)!  The girls thought it was Halloween all over again!  I wish we were able to go back tomorrow and hear the keynote speaker, Mayim Bialik.  After all, who didn't love the show Blossom growing up?!

Have a wonderful night, friends.
We'll see you tomorrow.

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