Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Beginning

We began our day with the baking of blueberry muffins.  While the muffins baked we got down to the business of planting our amaryllis bulb.
The girls loved getting to hold "Her" (as they so named the bulb). 
It was decided she should live in the dinning room which is a warmer room on the first floor.  I do believe we may have to relocate Her upstairs to our room as it's much sunnier and warmer up there. 
"Come on!  You can do it!  Grow!"

The girls sat there for a bit, encouraging Her to grow.  Finally, after a little coaxing from mama (and Gramma who was on the phone at the time) they climbed down and went to go find other wonderful things to play with.  While it will be fabulous to get to watch Her grow, I'm sure it will feel like an eternity to the girls before she actually blooms!  But what a welcome sight it will be!

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