Thursday, January 6, 2011


Our kitchen Christmas tree has come down and the easel returned to its proper place today.  And far be it for the girls to pass up a chance to paint (or just be generally creative) at it as soon as it returned "home".  I am so glad that they insisted they paint today.  The most beautiful creations bloomed in that space today. 
"I'm gonna make a flower, mama."
"Come see, my mama!"
"I forgot the honey, mama."
And indeed she did. 

The most amazing thing happened today in our kitchen. I watched as Grace grew.  Litterally, right before my eyes she totally became a kid.  There is no more is baby there, or toddler, or even preschooler.  There is only kid.  This was the first time that she ever shared what she was going to make and that I could look at it, watch it develop even, and know that yes, it was infact a flower just as she said it would be.  It was an incredible moment.  One that I will treasure forever.  And yes, Mom, I will be sure to get this picture framed. 


  1. Love that! Great photos, too. I was wondering, where did you get those matching paint cups and brushes? Those are really cool!

  2. The cups that you see Grace using are actually juice cups from Ikea! The paint cups that Em had on her side of the easel are from a teacher supply store. The brushes come from the same teacher supply store (Lakeshore Learning). I was thinking that I really should get a second set of no-spill paint cups but with how well the Ikea cups worked out I might just stick with that! :)