Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snowshoes For Everyone!

This afternoon we decided to go in search of adventure.  Since we are members of the MA Audobon Society we thought it would be fun to check out a new sanctuary.  We decided on Broad Meadow Brook in Worcester and headed over.  Once we arrived Dave headed in to see what the scoop was. He came back a few minutes later and declared: "We're going snowshoeing!". I was beyond thrilled as this is something I have been wanting to try for a good few years.  We went in, got our snowshoes and headed out to the trail.
"Tracks in the snow, tracks in the snow, who made the tracks?  Where do they go?"
Snowshoeing was even more fun than I thought it would be! It was a hit with all four of us, especially Grace!  She took to it quickly and easily.  I wish we had gone knowing that we would be snowshoeing. If so we would have been sure to have brought their snowpants with us. We also would have arrived sooner than an hour before closing.  All in all it was a most fabulous adventure, and we all agreed that we would like to go back again soon. Next time (hopefully) with our own snowshoes!


  1. A bloggy friend of mine from your part of the world just introduced me to this fun the other looks awesome! And great for the kiddies.
    Thanks for showing me snowshoeing in action!!

  2. It is awesome and I highly recommend it! It took the girls but a minute to figure out and they were actually walking (and sometimes Grace was even running)!