Thursday, January 13, 2011

Next Winter, Ice Skates

Our day started out with not a whole heck of alot going on.  There was lots of hanging out.  Just being.  Just doing.  It was lovely.
We finally motivated and headed out for a quick trip to Barnes and Noble.  We had intended to go to buy one book (for me:  Poser:  My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses).  Instead we came out with one book for me, one for them, two for a friend and a couple of other goodies from the children's section too. Have I mentioned that we love B&N? 
On our way home we decided to swing by the local outdoor skating rink.  While none of us have our own skates (yet!) I thought it would be fun to get on the ice anyway. We arrived and had the place to ourselves!  The girls were very curious about being on the ice, and if it was not for a layer of snow on it, I think they would have gotten a better feel for pushing around on the ice.  Regardless, it was a lovely afternoon to be out, and brought back many fantastic memories of skating on Durley's Pond in my hometown...
Note to self:  Buy ice skates for next winter.

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