Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our (Snow) Day!

We finally had our first good snow of the year!  There is at least two feet of snow out there making our world look completely magical, peaceful and serene.  It's fabulous!
Our day began with the ritual eating of French Toast.  It is a requirement of all New Engladers on a snow day such as this to have french toast for breakfast.  And since the girls and I are lifelong New Englanders we had to fullfill this requirement or risk expulsion.  After all, the French Toast Alert system was at a Code Red. 

Once the winds had died down we suited up and headed out, spray bottles in hand. 
Spray bottles filled with colored water are super fun when you have a whole blank canvas ahead of you.  Or the family mini-van.  Whichever appeals to you more. 
We came in to thaw out. 
Chatting wtih your Gramma and coloring are good ways to warm up. 
And finally, the long awaited for time arrived.  We gathered our ingredients and made the first batch of snow cream of winter 2011!
Mix together cream,
and vanilla.
Then add in some snow.
And enjoy!

Once they were done with their snow cream they headed into the living room where a tent was built and much playing took place.  Taco soup is simmering on the stove and I am getting ready to make a batch of corn bread.  It has been a most wonderful day!

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