Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Day!

And now another post about our very fun Sunday!

We gathered with my parents, brother and sister to celebrate my brother's graduation, my birthday, Father's Day (since we would all be together just two weeks before we figured why not?) and to meet my sisters awesome new guy.  The weather was perfect, the food delicious and the coversations wonderful!
Mom had purchased these beautiful nesting boxes with schonners on them and thought it would be fun if we each took one and filled it with something for Daddy for Father's Day.  She went first, giving him a nesting box inside a nesting box with...
nothing in it! 
Next up was the box from Dave, Grace, Emma and I. 
Reading the card that Grace made for Grandpa.
And now the one that Emma created.
Our gift: almost three dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!
Next up: Gifts from Grant.
Cracker Jacks and Tootsie Rolls.  Classic treats for a classic Dad!
And finally, Kait's gift for Daddy.
Wooden puzzles!  Fabulous and most likely already solved. 
And now, Uncle Grant's turn!
Cards from his nieces.
Gift from Kait. 
Gift from us.
So, while the girls and I were at BJs getting supplies for this picnic we strolled through the bakery to see what delectable treats were there. I had origianlly thought that we would bake something but as soon as the girls saw the cakes I figured why not just buy one?  The question became, which one to get?  Emma really wanted the carrot cake and Grace thought the one pictured above should be the one we get.  We called my mom to see what she knew about these cakes and she said to get them both!  There would be a picture of the carrot cake if Blogger would import it the right way but it's not cooperating so you'll have to picture a carrot cake below!  We chose to have "Happy Day" written on it since so much was being celebrated.  As soon as my family saw what was written they cracked up!  It will certainly be talked about for years to come!
It was a fabulous day, full of many wonderful memories and moments!  Everyone left with full bellies and full hearts.  It was delightful!  

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