Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wash Day Fun

Here's the final installment from last Sunday's adventures.  My parents gave Grace and Emma the lovely wash and rinse bins that you saw in yesterdays post.  No sooner were the bins filled and brought to the lawn than the fun began! There were so many wonderful moments captured that I could not miss out on the chance to share more of these beautiful pictures with you!
Gramma brings the wash bin.
Uncle Grant brings the rinse bin.
Showing Em how to rinse the item.
The wash and rinse bins quickly became a favorite item.  Ever since last Sunday when they were first given to the girls they have played with them each day.  They always loved their drying rack but the addition of the wash and rinse bins have made them love the drying rack even more!  What a fabulous addition to their toys!  Thanks Mom for making these bins extra special for them. They will certainly be enjoyed for years to come! 

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