Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Solstice Scenes

On the fourth grey, rainy day in a row, I thought it would be a great time to finally post pictures from how we celebrated the Solstice!

On the Solstice we:
made blueberry muffins and had breakfast outside.
watered the gardens.
(though I think we made need to make a couple of revisions to our design).
played in the pool and hung laundry out to dry.  How could we not on such a beautiful Summer Solstice Day?!
dropped Grace off for her second day of camp and then had a picnic lunch of our own.
enjoyed the beauty of the farm.
picked a quart of strawberries as part of our farmshare this week.
enjoyed yet another meal outside (just like last year!) complete with new mealtime blessing.
It was a gloriously beautiful Summer Solstice!  We hope your day was just as special and full of as many ordinary miracles as ours was!

Our New Mealtime Blessing:
For the golden corn,
for the apples on the trees, 
for the golden butter,
for the honey for our tea,
for the fruits and nuts and berries that grow along the way,
Dear Father Sun and Mother Earth,
We give our thanks this day. 

-Traditional Waldorf Blessing

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