Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yesterday, the girls and I finally had a chance to start our garden preparations.  Between all the wacky weather we have had this season and how busy life can get we had not had a chance, as either a trio or the whole family, to get into the garden space and prepare it for the new seedlings.  With super hot weather predicted for today and tomorrow it was pretty much then or never.  So, we gathered the needed supplies and headed out. 
(The photo above taken by Emma.)
I love that they noticed all on their own that the bucket was full and needed to be emptied!
Grace did a super job finding all the rocks in the garden!
When we were about 90% of the way done we began filling up the pool.
We were done by the time the pool was full.  And after all their hard work, what better way to relax?!
Wow, did we work hard! The three of us were totally wiped out after all that weeding and rock collecting.  After they were done playing in the pool (while I lounged and read my book) we headed in where it was decided that a movie was in order.  Em quickly fell asleep, and who could blame her?!  That was alot of work for two littles! Later this morning we're off to Russell's to buy this years seedlings.  Then it's up to David and the girls to get them in the ground.

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  1. Your garden looks amazing (and the paddling pool pics are cute). Can't wait to see what you plant.