Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Lake Trip Of The Season

Last week with the summer heat having arrived with the Summer Solstice we decided it was a fine time to seek some relief at the lake in town.  We packed the car up with all the key things required for a beach trip and headed out in search of the relief that can only come from being near water.  As soon as we pulled into our parking spot the girls began to squeal.  Clearly, all the memories from last year and the fun they had at the lake came rushing back to them!  We hiked up the hill, pulling our trusty wagon behind us until we finally reached the sand.  Once the perfect spot was located the girls wasted no time getting into the water.  It was a gorgeous day at the lake and while there were a fair amount of people there it was by no means too crowded.  The water was warm, the skies were blue and the smiles on our faces were huge.  Life is good!


  1. I love these summer moments. I dream of them all winter. I am truly at peace when we are by a body of water. I am sure you will be back at the lake this weekend to beat the heat! Enjoy!!

  2. Thanks, girls! I know what you mean Jess! Having spent the first ten years of my life with the beach as my backyard I know all too well the peace that come with the beach! Oh, how I wish that my girls had a lake or the beach right in their backyard too!