Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grace's Hair Salon

"Mama, we want to have a hair salon.  Can you help us get all the hair things?" 
"Sure, baby." 

Once the things were gathered they took it from there and I went and cleaned up from lunch.  I love getting to be a fly on the wall. I love sitting back (or doing whatever it is that needs doing) yet listening as they do whatever they are doing.  The chatting that happens.  The giggling. The deepening of their friendship.  The tightening of the bond of these two sisters and the memories that are being formed are what they will carry with them forever. At some point in the course of the doing I usually grab my camera because really, these things need to be preserved you know.  And mostly I don't think they even notice me and my trusty camera anymore (which makes it all the sweeter).  
"Now I'm tall like Gramma!"


  1. Oh my, what fun!!! They sure do love each other, such a wonderful relationship they are developing.

  2. Thanks, Kim! It really is such a blessing to get to witness this friendship of theirs grow daily!