Sunday, June 17, 2012

In Celebration Of Fathers

My Daddy and I in 1978.
David and his girls in 2011.  
Hard at work (with a little help from the Ponies, 2012).

"On this day we would like to acknowledge and honor all the fathers who understand the importance of their presence in a child's life. Who know that it is more than "providing" for the child. it is about being present to the everyday joys and struggles. It is about loving your children for who they are, dreaming of what they will be and accepting that the role is to guide not control. When a child has that love from a father, the world is a better place. Thank you to all the wonderful fathers we know." 
-As found on the toLabor Facebook page (toLabor is the organization I became a doula through).  

On this Father's Day I would like to take time to honor all the amazing, hands-on Dads that we are fortunate to count among our friends, but most importantly I would like to take a moment to honor my Dad and David.  Two men who are quietly strong and our biggest champions.  For without these two men life as I know it would not have been possible. It is due to their hard work and dedication to their families that we are able to live these amazing lives.  Just like the quote above says it's about being present and guiding the children to reach their ultimate potential.  And really, that sums up my Dad and David beautifully.

To David: I am so honored to get to be your wife, best friend, mother of your children and your all around partner in crime.  Thank you for all the diapers you have changed, boo-boos you have bandaged, babies (and toddlers!) you have worn, tears you have dried, mani-pedis you have given and jokes you have told.  Thank you for all the meals you have made, the dishes you have done, the stories you have read, the games you have played, the adventures you have taken and the Legos you have built.  Thank you for the laughter, love and friendship and thank you for embracing each of my ideas no matter how crunchy they are!  I am easily the luckiest girl on Earth!  XOXO


  1. this is so beautiful, but the top picture is just so. awesome.

  2. Thanks! That has been one of my most favorite pictures ever since I was a little girl!