Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Bed

As many of you know the girls have been sharing a bed for many moons now. And recently it became obvious that they needed a little more room in that bed of theirs.  Some of this had to do with the fact that they have just grown so much and some of it also had to do with how often Grace was reporting that Em was stealing the covers at night.  The topic of a bigger/new bed had been brought up before and they never felt the need for it.  Then, after the latest cover stealing night Grace finally said she'd like a little more room.  

So on Saturday Dave and Grace headed to IKEA to get the additional bed.  While they were there I received a frantic phone call from him:  

"Babe, as I'm struggling to get the mattress on the cart Grace tells me that she doesn't want a new bed.  That she's not ready to sleep alone and neither is Emma."  "Alright, put her on and let's see what we can figure out."  He hands Grace the phone: "Hey Grace, remember how you said that Em was stealing the covers and you wanted a little more room?" "Yes, mama" "Well, what do you think if we get the second bed and put the two beds right next to each other like we did with the little beds (we did this same thing with their toddler beds) so you can still sleep next to each other but also have some more room?"  She was quiet for a moment and then said: "OK.  That sounds good."  Once they got home the bed was brought in and assembled and made up.  

That night after the usual story time/snuggle routine that takes place in our room each night the girls headed down to theirs.  Em crawled into her "side" of the bed first and said: "I want to sleep next to Grace" and rolled right over to the "middle" of their bed. Grace them climbed into her "side" of the bed and rolled right over to Emma. 

As I kissed Grace goodnight that night she said to me: "Mama, I am so happy to have my new bed but I am even happier that I still get to sleep right next to Emma!" I love that they have each other to snuggle with and I wonder if they will ever sleep in any other part of "their" bed or if they will always be right there next to each other?! And for those wondering, so far they are still sleeping in what is essentially the middle of their giant bed.  Right. Next. To. Each. Other.  Last night when I checked on them before I headed to bed they were even holding hands while they slept.  Does it get any sweeter than that?!