Monday, June 11, 2012


This weekend we had a four legged visitor named Moon. Moon is the dog of one of the families that we are good friends with and they happened to be in need of someone to hang with Moon for a few days while they were away on vacation until the family who agreed to take him for the bulk of their time away could take him.  The girls were absolutely over the moon (pardon the pun!) to have Moon stay with us!  He arrived Thursday night after they were asleep and so they did not know he was even here 'till the next morning  As they stumbled down the stairs in their sleepy states they were greeted by a wet nose and wagging tail (not unlike the wet nose and wagging tail of our sweet Albert, but Moon is much, much bigger than Al is, of course)!  From that point on Moon was walked, patted, doted on, played with, chatted with and loved.  It was very hard to say good-bye to him on Sunday.  What a sweetheart he is and we seriously wish that we had gotten to have him the entire time his family was away!  Here's to looking forward to getting to dog-sit for Moon again sometime.  And here's to hoping that he is having as much fun with the next family he gets to hang with while his family is away as we had when he was here with us!  Moon, you are one sweetheart of a dog!  


  1. Oh, what a fun weekend!! We often dog sit for a family and Reece loves it when Pebbles comes for a little visit.

    Hope Moon gets to visit again soon

  2. I hope he gets to visit again soon too! The girls are *really* missing him!