Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Night Out

The girls' dance school held a pajama movie night tonight,
which means that Dave and I had a couple of hours to ourselves. We stopped by Starbucks for a snack and then proceed to do some final Thanksgiving feast shopping. As we head into the busy holiday season, where his schedule at the store increases thus turning me into a Williams-Sonoma widow, it's such a blessing to have been able to spend an evening together just the two of us. Having the chance to spend a few hours together like this totally flashes me back to our dating day and to being newlyweds! It's been such a treat to be able to walk and chat and shop and reconnect a few times like this this autumn. And while we always have such fun being out together it's always just as fun to pick the girls up when the night has come to an end and hear about all the fun things they did too! 

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