Monday, November 25, 2013

Girls Race Too!

Saturday brought with it the arrival of the first Girl Scout Pinewood Derby in town!
It was a day that we'd been looking forward to for months!
The room was electric with excitement! Some girls who have brothers had experienced the Derby before. For others, like Grace and Emma, this was their first Derby ever!
Grace's car's first race. 
And they're off!
Next up: David and Emma. 
Well done!
David and Grace's car raced in this heat. 
And Grace won!
Emma's car is ready to race again.
And she placed second! Great job, Em!
Each car raced six times. 
This is Grace's last race. 
David's last race. 
And Emma's last race. 
Look at the Lavender Racer go!
It was such a fun day! A Daisy from the girls' troop took the "track record for the entire day" and David and Grace both placed in the top ten (David in seventh and Grace in ninth place)! There were roughly 200 girls that participated throughout the entire event (our troop closed out the day) and it's already being said that there will be a Derby again next year! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this day happen for the girls and their families! It was a glorious day and one that we shall never forget! 

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  1. How fun! I remember my brother doing this with the boy scouts when he was a kid. Actually just the other day my dad pulled out the race cars so Reece could see them :)