Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Wednesday

Our day began slowly (as all our days do). I went for my morning walk, slipping out while both girls were still sleeping. I arrived home to find Dave down in the basement, Emma playing with Legos and Grace still sleeping. Dave, Emma and I had a lovely breakfast together and afterward Emma and I out set about making another batch of applesauce ("pink applesauce again please, mama!"). 
As I put the dishes from the dishwasher away, Emma worked on getting ten of the reddest apples from the bag. While she was counting (after each additional apple was added) I couldn't help but think (once again) how truly lucky we are to get to live such an amazing lifestyle. There we are 9:00am on a Wednesday morning and Grace is still sleeping, Emma's learning to count by getting the requested number of apples from the bag and I'm there to witness it all. There's no waking children before they are naturally ready to be up, no rushing around to get out of the door, just a simple, slow, lovely start to our day each day. 
With the apples simmering away Grace finally wandered down to join the rest of us. David was still home when she got up so he was able to see her before he left for work. It's lovely how often the four of us are in this space in the morning together. It wasn't always this way, and we are just so grateful to be able to share our mellow mornings with Dave now too. We chatted a bit more, Grace and I, and then she and Emma went off to play.
After playing and after Grace had breakfast, the there of us girls got ready for our day. The days plans were discussed, errands run and upon returning home a game of alphabet hopscotch was begun. 
And as I stood there watching my girls play, I couldn't help but wish that this was the way that all kids were able to spend their days. Outside, playing, creating games of their own, learning from it all. 
Emma asked for another piece of chalk (it's amazing how fast you can use up a piece of chalk making a hopscotch board) and for me to make the board "but I want to write the letters so don't do that please, mama!" I love that she decided to make her own board and I totally love that her F is backwards. 
I went in, leaving the girls to play until they were ready to come inside. They returned a short while later to discover that much of the craft stuff was on the table. 
"But I thought we were making cranberry sauce, mama." said Grace
"Oh, we're doing that too!"  I replied
Emma started on her project 
and Grace got started on the cranberry sauce. They wanted to make something for their yoga teacher for Thanksgiving and cranberry sauce (and hand turkey cards) was what they decided upon. I was there to lend a hand when need be. 
Thanking people and giving something from the heart is something that has always been important to us. I love that it has become second nature to the girls to do just that. They are always looking for ways to make the world a better place, to spread a little more kindness into it, and to show their appreciation to those people who have made an impact in their lives. All good things that will surely take them far in life. 
"Alexandra's a really great teacher Mama. We are lucky to have her!" Grace shared with me as she watched over the cranberries. She always puts lots of love into her cranberry sauce, but I dare say that there was an extra helping put into this batch today. 
And after the cranberry sauce was placed in it's chosen jar Grace joined Emma at the table where they were both so focused on their projects that not a word was said for what felt like a good long while.
Emma's sweet lavender turkey. 
Grace's fabulous pink turkey. 
It's not lost on me how truly lucky I am. Or, really, how truly lucky we all are. Not a day goes by that I don't stand in awe of this life that we have created and the family we have made. The strong bonds that the four of us have, the amazing bond of friendship mixed with sisterhood that the girls share, is something that, in my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined. Sure, we have our rough days, though they truly are few and far between. And even on the rough days I am eternally thankful to share this space, and this life, with these three souls. Simply put: they are amazing and I am the luckiest woman alive. xo


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    1. Thanks Kristen for stopping by and for your sweet comment! xo

  2. This is beautiful Shel. We are pretty lucky mamas to be able to experience all we do with our kiddos.

    By the way, Reece is now calling Grace and Emma his friends...he is pretty excited to be sending rocks to his friends :)

    1. Thanks, Kim! We are such lucky mamas, indeed! I don't think I'll ever stop being in awe of this life that we get to live! Truly amazing!

      Oh my gosh, that is so sweet! The girls are super excited for the rock exchange! Thanks again for thinking of us! xo