Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Smiles: With Thanks

With Veterans Day a week away the Children's Ministry team at our church decided it would be lovely have everyone help create a banner of thanks that will be presented to the veterans of our congregation the following week. The kids really got into it and so did the adults. 
It was great to get to hear everyone's stories. There are so many veterans and families of veterans in the congregation and to get to connect with them for that moment, to get to hear about the wars that they participated in or sent their loved ones off to, was simply amazing. As each person talked, especially if they are part of "The Greatest Generation" you could just see them be transported back to those days. And I do believe, that no matter how many years have passed or how long the person served for, those words- "Thank you for your service"- are always greatly appreciated and wonderful to hear.

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