Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Grace And Emma Meet Dick And Jane

Last night we introduced Grace (and Emma too, of course) to Dick and Jane. 
The girls loved hearing that their grandparents learned to read from Dick and Jane books too!
She has yet to put this book down!
While Grace was at her book club meeting at the library this morning, Em and I found some more Dick and Jane books. She sat down,opened one up and asked me to help her read it. It was sweet how she would repeat each sentence that I said and point to each word as she went along. And while she's a ways off from reading yet (she's still working on learning her letters) it was a sweet beginning nonetheless. I'm so glad that these classic readers are still around and I am so very glad that the girls are able to learn from them (as so many kids who came before them did)! 


  1. Oh, oh, oh...I love Dick and Jane! The very first book I ever read was a Dick and Jane, and I have used them for each of my early readers. So glad your little ones are finding pleasure in reading them. :)

    1. I'm so glad that we're in such good company! You really can't go wrong with the classics! Would love to hear about other things you've used with your littles over the years! xo