Monday, January 5, 2015

On The Tenth Day of Christmas....

Each year before Christmas Dave's parents ask us to put together a list of things that the girls are wishing for. This year as we created the list we included a microscope and telescope- two items that Grace has remarked about over the last few years. It was decided that the telescope would be gifted to the girls this Christmas and that the microscope would make an appearance at ta later time. Little did we know how amazing the telescope they ended up deciding upon would be! After Dave and his dad had assembled it they took it out to the back deck to make sure that it was correctly focused. Dave returned inside amazed at being able to see the lines on the pine needles on the big tree in our yard! He couldn't get over how clearly he could see the detail on each needle. With how clear tonight is it was decided that we'd take our first peeks through it this evening after dinner. It was simply magical to be able to see the moon that clearly and that close. This is truly a gift that will be treasured for years and years to come! xo


  1. What an awesome gift :) We have a neighbor who is an astronomy nerd. We can't wait to take the girls out with him. I LOVE their nightgowns too. Super cute :)

  2. Thanks, girls! This thing is truly incredible! We had it out again today and were able to see the pine cones on our big pine tree as clearly as if we were standing there holding one! Amazing! xo

  3. That telescope is awesome!! My husband has had one on his own wish list for ages. Enjoy!!