Saturday, January 17, 2015

Painting Pottery

 Yesterday after lunch the Girl Scout troop gathered at PYOP Studio for our first meeting of 2015. We leaders thought it would be a fun way to kick off the second half of the troop year. Everyone arrived excited to be back and even more excited to be spending an afternoon painting pottery. Mugs and seats were chosen and a hush fell over the group. 
The girls were so focused that you could hear a pin drop. The thirteen of them worked this way for 45 minutes straight. It was amazing! 
On our drive over Emma decided that she would paint our family on her mug. Above she is working on painting Grace. 
 Grace decided she would be painting a sweet spring tree scene. Since she had lots of room left after her tree was painted she decided to add a flower and a cloud. 
 Such focus. 
 Emma's finished mug. It will now get a clear glaze over it and then spend some time in the kiln. We pick the pieces up in a week. We cannot wait to see the finished products!
 Isn't Grace's tree just so sweet? The pink, though pale looking, should fire up to a lovely spring pink. This mug is just so Grace. I think we may have to head back and have her paint three more- one of this tree in each season. xo


  1. That is a really beautiful tree - and yes she definitely needs to do one for each season - or how about a plate with the four trees around the outside! Such a talented little girl, and it looks like a very talented girl scout group too!

    1. A plate is a great idea, too! :) xo

  2. I love them! So sweet. Hope you update us with a photo of the finished mugs!