Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Skiing With Daddy

Since David had the day off from work today, and since we had received free passes to Nashoba, and since it was incredibly beautiful out, we figured that this would be the perfect day for a little daddy-daughter skiing. We arrived just a wee bit after they opened and were happy to have the place mostly to ourselves. Once their lift tickets were on (a first for the girls, and something they were rather excited about) the three headed out. Nashoba is much smaller than their usual mountain, though this proved to be a blessing for me as it meant that I could watch them from my spot in the lodge (something that I don't get to do when they are at Wachusett). Dave spent a good long while with the girls before heading off on his own to ski some of the more difficult trails, and the girls spent a good long while skiing together before coming in for lunch. After lunch it was decided that they'd all do a few more runs before we headed home. I am so glad that it all fell into place so beautifully today, and I do so hope that we are able to see a few more daddy-daughter ski days happen before the end of the season. xo


  1. Hope they had a great time, although it looks and sounds like they did :)

  2. Thanks girls! They had such a fun day! xo

  3. That blue sky! What a fantastic day for skiing with their dad.

    1. Incredible color isn't it?! Just perfect for a special day like this! xo